The First Event

The Current Event (soon to be the First Event)

A few years ago arcane energy began to surge. The Optriminiscar once again showed the nature of its true power. Flooding Avermhir in cosmic arcane power an Event was sparked.
Soon powerful figures began to emerge and arrive. Each one setting up and beginning its domain.

The outcome of this event will only soon begin to be realized.

The First Event

Two thousand years ago there was a great event. Optriminiscar produced a huge amount of arcane energy. Creating a series of gates in the world. These gates were thin places in the space time continuum where other planes of existence were made much more accessible. There are recorded in various historical tombs mention of these gates and ensuing destruction caused in the land.

The common folk refer to this First Event as The Event as they are mostly unaware of the fact that these events occur throughout Avergene history.

These are a few common stories about the event.

Event Description
-1. You are in the middle of this event. The influences are being felt and new powerful overloads are emerging.
0. An army of Demons pored forth from the underdark just to the north of Ampara in the Great Vivaldarian Wilderness.
Humans, Goblins, Trolls, bugbear, Firbog, Elves, and some small number of Dwarves, Gnomes, and Kobolds lived in the area. As the Demonic hordes spread throughout the lands they slaughtered, ate and bread the half breed children with the locals. It was not until the Orc’s transformation soon followed by the arrival of the first of the Great Schools of Wizardry before the demonic reign was ended.
There is a Kobold story of a flotilla from the southern end of Vivaldar traveled up to the northern tip of the contintent. A Dragon named Valstrath Longtail led his Kobold army into war against the demon’s. In the story neither Valstrath nor many of the demon commanders survived this war. As the might of the dragon army weined the Kobolds fled south into what is modern day Ampara. The first huts of Rivelda likely were constructed by these same Kobolds.
1. An army of devils were released on the northern side of Jiashta. At first they stayed mostly together attacking the lands of the Troll King R’Ot. The trolls were quickly wiped out in these early battles but the hordes were soon to come up on the harsh terrain of the Ulgek mountains. Here they faced much stronger opposition the land itself.
For the next several decades the devils dominated the area and made excursions out across from the home base they had made in the troll villages. But each time their numbers were dwindled when they returned. Since the great gates to their home had closed by then, they replenished their populations by breading with humans or other races they could capture.
There is a Kobold story of a flotilla from the south came and landed along the shores. A Dragon named Valstrath Longtail led his Kobold army into war against the devils. In the story neither Valstrath nor the devil commanders survived this war. Which led the Kobold’s south into what is modern day Ampara
2. On the continent of Jiuk a Great Demon came into the world. Because the land of Jiuk is wild country with no current stable civilization little is known about the destruction of the demon but reports show that it wandered the landscape destroying and eating everything in its path. Rumors of its demise are hard to track down but one common story is that a tribe of Dwarves was working when the Demon descended into their home. The Dwarves trapped the great demon by luring it into an entrance to the under world where it fell into Darkness. It is said that the greate demons still wanders below looking for a way out.
3. In the Mountains of Gvarnak a contingent of Darlath (Chaotic Dwarves) emerged from a portal that opened in the ancient Dwarven city of Kilarin. They had an appearance and nature somewhat similar to the Dwarves but a disposition entirely Evil.
These masters of chaos lured Dwarves into internal strife. Pitting factions against factions. Degrading the government and spiking a civil war in the Dwarven city. They were slippery, adaptable, and cunning.
As the civil war raged on the true nature of the Darlath was revealed. By then it was too late. The Darlath had established power. With their army of enslaved Dwarves, referred to as the Bayorth, to defend them in their holdings they released their cruel magical creations out into the remaining city. .
Desperate for help in the great war the Dwarves sought help from anywhere they could. They formed agreements with those they distrusted and in some cases loathed. They in turn released great evils into their home.
As the ware raged it destroyed much of their great city. In the end the Darlath and the dwarves themselves were pushed out and scattered. The huge ancient city is now a lost ruin in which great evil may still lurk.
4. In the region now known as Ampara a human like people named the Griscari appeared within a cave system along the edge of the mountains. They were not powerful but they did have many objects of a foreign technology. A local lord soon captured them and imprisoned them. The foreign technology, including a steam powered engine that burned some strange unknown liquid “gas”, spread quickly into the hands of the lords people. Most of it was quickly broken and discarded.
The devices that survived were not very impressive including a few nicely made steal contraptions that used alchemical magic to shoot small balls of iron. After a few years in prison most of the Griscari had died. The remaining ones were eventually released into the country side. A few of them that survived were able to earn a place by using some foreign technologies adapted to the world of Avergene. Using magical power sources in place of fuel burning engines they created various gadgets. Some of these have evolved into large scale steam works in cities and are used in mining and other large scale works.
The Griscari bread with humans and eventually were fully integrated. Some with strong Griscari blood can still can be identified by a purple tinge to their skin.
5. A race of Giant Immortal boars appeared. The location of their entrance is known only to them as they have scattered around the planet. Referred to as Great Spirits these solitary immortal beings have spread around the world and now lay claim to great forests or other natural large elements of Terrain. In some areas the race of great pigs are worshiped as forest gods or spirits. They are in fact sentient and use telepathy for communication. They are unable to breed and so as they are killed or slain they die out. Its not clear how many might remain in the world, but its assumed to be less than ten. They are known to have great hatred for demons and devils and where the demons and devils can be found the pigs will attack and slaughter them on-site.
6. The river folk named the Illini came and went. Being at first intrigued by the world they stayed to the rivers and discovered many things about the world. However, they detested the brutality of the races here and the harsh environment. They returned to their plane leaving only a few temples and artifacts behind. Of those who they met who they befriended, some have formed a church. Worship of the Illini race is known along some villages. The way of the Illini does offer a strange sort of energy that is most powerful at protection and healing. This makes the followers mostly welcome in cities.
7. Six immortal beings came from an unknown plane of existance. Each of these creature took the form of a human male. Unknown where and who they are today it is believed that they are still among the humans. Powerful wizards one and all their purpose is not fully known. What they are capable of is clouded by rumor and myth. They are known as the Yon’Li. Somewhere there is truth as to what they are and what they may plan.
8. A race of undead zombies came forth from one portal. Their necrotic power bleed for weeks and months into the world. An army of the living formed quickly and the zombie army was destroyed. However, among some of the veterans contracted SoulRot, a severely debilitating disease. Over the next couple of years healers and others worked to cleanse the planet of SoulRot. Some of them believe it has been wiped out but others doubt that it is fully gone. The fear of its return is genuine as the effects are drastic and entire villages had to be wiped out and cleansed to contain it. Healing isn’t effective after a certain point in the disease’s life span and yet it remains contagious even after the death of the victim.
9. It is said, “Hubris is the reflection upon the water of the Ol.” Huge creatures, the Ol are monsters in more than size. Their brutality and unrelenting anger drive them towards destruction.
A race of giant humanoids the Ol live in runtain ranges and rough lands. Chased and hunted by other races the Ol are themselves still confident that from among them a great warrior will come and return them to glory. They are smart enough but have such a strong hatred of weekness they mostly kill those smaller than themselves on site and only trade with other giant races for things they need.
Their appearance after the event had little overall impact but in a few localities it has drastically shifted the balance of power.
10. Herds of antlered Trisps can be found today in areas of high planes. Though the Trisps arrived through a great gate they were ill prepared for what they found. Anthropomorphic creatures their intelligence is often ignored by humanoids.
Now the Trisps stay away from humanity and other humanoids where ever possible.
11. The Mandrak 3rd Platoon arrived through a great portal into Avergene. Forced from their home realm through the portal the group arrived with expectations of war and death. They traveled throughout the continent of Tipolo fighting any force they could find. The challenge they searched for never emerged and so they eventually settled down to create their own Kingdom.
12. A swarm of insect creatures known as the Rilp spread forth. However, on Avergene they experienced an unexpected changes to their life spans. They died at the end of their first year. The strang hives they built can be found around the planet. Empty now except for those would be trespassers who have taken up their homes.

The First Event

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